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Training in Traditional Metal Roofing

The FTMRC supports the various training courses in traditional metal roofing that are available from and operated by the LSA at their National Roof Training Centre in East Peckham, Kent.

The courses are also supported by FTMRC manufacturing associates who have been instrumental in advising and training the trainers based at the LSA in delivering courses in copper, zinc and stainless steel and this range has recently been supplemented by Prelaq galvanised steel.

Further information on the costs and details of the courses are available direct from the LSA (01622 872432) or FTMRC (01342 301627)

The range of courses include the following;

NVQ2 in Traditional Metal Roofing
Available through the Specialist Apprenticeship Programme (SAP) and Specialist Upskilling Programme (SUP)

The SAP programme for the NVQ2 involves 30 days training in the LSA workshop, delivered in six blocks of five days over two years and will also involve on-site assessment and training in the candidate’s workplace.

The overall cost of the SAP programme (for 2015) totals £5,335, but as it is funded by CITB, contractors who pay CITB levy can claim back a grant of £7,650 for every candidate that completes the course.

Employers and self employed sub contractors can take advantage of a payment plan offered by the LSA.

NVQ3 in Traditional Metal Roofing
Candidates completing the NVQ2 that wish to further develop their skills can continue the Specialist Apprenticeship Programme on to NVQ3 level. NVQ3 is not yet available as a Specialist Upskilling Programme.

The SAP involves a further 15 days training, delivered in three blocks of five days each, plus further on-site assessment and training.

The fee for NVQ3 (2015) is £2,500 but again the SAP is funded by CITB and therefore levy poayers are entitled to claim grant of up to £4,125.

FTMRC Craft Development Courses
Designed by FTMRC to introduce new entrants to the sector to traditional hard metals roof design, layout and installation.

The course consists of three modules which progressively educate candidates in the theory of using zinc, copper, stainless and galvanised steel as well as teachning the practical skills and best practice in installing roof sheeting and cladding.

Each module is delivered in five days, but the timing of delivery can be flexible to the convenience of each candidate / employer and can be spread over more than one week and also include Saturdays.

On successful completion of the three modules an industry certificate will be issued confirming the candidate has met the requiremnents of the course in order to be regarded as a competent installer of traditional metal roofing.

For those candidates wishing to progress further, a 10 day “Heritage” module is available whihc will incorporate an assesssment for the CSCS Traditional / Heritage Roofing – Hard Metals card.

As a general guide, fees for the Craft Development courses average £100 per day but this will be determined by the timing of the delivery and can be confirmed with the LSA when arranging the courses.