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National Vocational Qualifications

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NVQ Level 2 in Traditional Metal Roofing Specialist Applied Programme (SAP)

This qualification is available through the Specialist Applied Programme (SAP), which requires 30 days’ training delivered in six blocks of five days over two years. It will also involve on-site assessment and training in the candidate’s workplace.

There is a fee for this training, but as the course is funded by CITB, contractors who pay CITB levy can claim back a grant for every candidate that completes the course. Funding is also available for employers and self-employed sub-contractors.

NVQ Level 3 in Traditional Metal Roofing Specialist Applied Programme (SAP)

Candidates completing the NVQ Level 2 who wish to further develop their skills can continue the Specialist Applied Programme on to NVQ Level 3. This involves a further 15 days’ training, delivered in three blocks of five days each, plus further on-site assessment and training.

As with the NVQ Level 2, this SAP is funded by CITB and therefore levy payers are entitled to claim an achievement grant on completion.

NVQ Level 2 & 3 On site Assessment & Training (OSAT)

These options are designed for experienced workers without formal qualifications who want to obtain recognition of their skills by obtaining an NVQ Level 2 or Level 3 qualification without spending significant time training away from site.

An initial assessment is carried out by a qualified Assessor to determine whether you have the required skills to go directly onto OSAT or a few days formal tuition (usually between 5 and 13) at a training centre. Once the Assessor is satisfied you have the necessary experience, they will arrange to visit you on two/three occasions to assess your skills and competency to deliver hard metal work relative to the level for the qualification you are seeking.

LSTA & Metal Solutions

The Lead Sheet Training Academy and Metal Solutions Ltd have formed a partnership to provide its very first Hard Metals Satellite Training Centre. The Metal Solutions Training Centre in Bolton will be able to deliver City & Guilds Traditional Hard Metals Basic Craft course accredited by CITB.

Standing Seam Training -Traditional Basic Hard Metal Craft

This is an introductory course for those with little or no experience of hard metal work. It covers basic techniques for shaping and creating effective joints between sheets of hard metal.

The 5-day course will include the following elements covering best practice, quality and conformity to specification:

  • Dog Ear Corner
  • Swept Abutment
  • Pinched Seam
  • Welted Verge
  • Neoprene Expansion Joint
  • Double Lock Welt
  • Single Lock Welt
  • Riveted Joint
  • Eaves Apron Trim
  • Soldered Joints
  • External Corner Soldered
  • Clipping
  • Standing Seam Welted End
  • Saddle Piece
  • Dog Tooth End
  • Swept Seam

All courses will be delivered at Metal Solutions Ltd training facility in Bolton coving the Northwest including Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Cheshire, and Merseyside.

CITB funding is available for companies that are CITB Registered, the funding available will significantly reduce the cost to you as an employer and allow you to support the next generation of Hard Metal workers. For more in please call 01622 872432 or email Sharon at

For more information on any of the above training plans, please contact the FTMRC