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Using CLR Coated Steel for roofing & cladding in the UK

Colour coated steel for fully supported traditional metal roofing has been developed in Scandinavia, firstly in producing a malleable steel sheet which is 0.6mm thick. The steel sheet is fully galvanised with a zinc coating. The zinc coating will form a zinc carbonate when exposed to the air forming a protective layer which can self-heal cut edges and scratches. Then a HB Polyester colour coating or alternatively a Bio -based colour coating is applied. These coatings have a full range of colours to choose from.

Soldering of details is possible and these details can be disguised by colour matching paint. Normal fully supported traditional metal roofing and facades techniques and detailing should be used. Even though colour coated steel is resistant to corrosion, care must be taken in the construction of a correct supporting substrate to avoid issues of rising humidity and condensation. With good design and professional installation a good and durable lifespan can be expected.