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Using Copper for roofing & cladding in the UK

Copper has been used for thousands of years because of its workability and longevity. The finished surface of natural copper sheet will react with the atmosphere and form protective copper oxides. Gradually darkening brown in colour or in the long term, the easy recognisable green patina.

Even though copper is resistant to corrosion, care must be taken in the construction of a correct supporting substrate to avoid issues of rising humidity and condensation. For fully supported traditional metal roofing and facades, thicknesses of 0.6mm and 0.7mm are used with a temper of “Half Hard”.

Varius decorative treatments to the copper surfaces are offered including prepatinated surfaces to quicken the forming of the natural green patination which can take 35 years or longer in today’s atmospheric conditions. With good design and professional installation a good and durable lifespan can be expected.