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Using Stainless Steel for roofing & cladding in the UK

Stainless Steel is a metal with a wide aesthetic appeal in the construction industry and particularly in the discipline of full supported traditional metal roofing. It is corrosion resistant and produced by adding a minimum of 13% chromium to carbon steel which forms a passive film of chromium oxide on the surface protecting the internal structure of the metal.

Stainless Steel is produced in varying grades of corrosion resistance and for the British Isles environment 316L or K44 are advised to be used. Though Stainless Steel will not corrode, care must be taken that the correct supporting substrate is built avoiding rising humidity and condensation. Sheet thicknesses for fully supported traditional metal roofing and facades are 0.4 and 0.5. Normal metal roofing techniques are used.

Surface decorative treatments are varied and many, from natural finish to mirror finish, etched or embossed surfaces, including a terne coated surface developed for heritage church work emulating lead coverings. With good design and professional installation a good and durable lifespan can be expected.