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Using Zinc for roofing & cladding in the UK

Zinc was being produced in Swansea in 1720 and when the rolling process for sheet material was developed in Europe in 1805 Zinc for roofing became more prevalent and fashionable.

Zinc is currently the most popular fully supported traditional metal roofing material used in the United Kingdom with a number of different manufacturers supplying the UK market. Zinc sheet is available as natural zinc or with a multitude of various pre-weathering’s surface treatments and colourings. For fully supported traditional metal roofing and facades 0.7 and 0.8-mm thickness is used.

The zinc sheet will form a zinc carbonate on the surface, when exposed to the air, forming a protective layer. It should be noted that Zinc roof coverings will corrode if laid on an inappropriate supporting substrate, care must be taken in the construction of a correct supporting substrate to avoid issues of rising humidity and condensation. With good design and professional installation a good and durable lifespan can be expected.